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Send the proposals for the Special Sessions to socta2016@gmail.com with the following details:

Title of the special session:
Names of proposers:
Email addresses:
Description of the special session/workshop:

Author(s) are required to mention the name of the special session on the 1st page of the manuscript.

Selected Special Sessions

1. Robotics Automation and Control Engineering (RACE)

2. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

3. Intelligent Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications

4. Emerging Trends in Networking Technologies, Security and Internet of Things (IoT)

5. Computational Intelligence & Smart Systems

6. Deep Learning and Computational Intelligence for Healthcare

Special Session #1               TOP

Title of the special session:
- Robotics Automation and Control Engineering (RACE)
Names of proposers:
- Dr. Amit Kumar
- Indian Institute of Information Technology Kota
Email addresses:
- amit@iiitkota.ac.in
Description of the special session/workshop:
- The proposed special session shall invite the papers from researchers and engineers to the development of theoretical and/or experimental contribution in the field of Robotics, Control and Autonomous Systems and their applications.
Scope/invitation of this theme includes (but not limited to) Applied Soft Computing techniques, Machine Learning techniques and other techniques in Robotics, Control and Autonomous Systems; Robotics Engineering; Computer Programming and Simulation; Numerical Analysis; Industrial Robotics; Machine Intelligence; Service Robot; Autonomous Robot; Control System; Autonomous Systems, etc.

Special Session #2               TOP

Title of the special session:
- Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Names of proposers:
- Dr. Sonal Yadav, Dr. Priyanka Mishra, Dr. Amit Kumar
- Indian Institute of Information Technology Kota
Email addresses:
- {sonal.cse, priyanka.cse, amit}@iiitkota.ac.in
Description of the special session/workshop:
- Data science uses interdisciplinary fields, i.e., scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured or unstructured, small or large data.Analyzing conventional data, programming, and data mining are redefined by applying data science. Complex quantitative algorithms are developed to organize and synthesize large amounts of information to drive strategy in an organization. Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) stand on the frontline of new scientific discoveries and play an essential role in all aspects of our everyday lives and businesses. We can produce confirmatory or predictive analysis of facts that shall be useful for actionable insights from data across various application domains in the coming decades. Smart services combine intelligent data analysis with user-centered services to turn into business benefits. Businesses are looking for smart data architectures, automatic data analysis, data maintenance, data visualization, and decision making for efficient query processing at scale to enable interactive data exploration.
Topics of Interest:
-Data Acquisition and Understanding
-Data Processing (data mining, clustering/classification, data modeling, data summarization)
-Data Analysis (exploratory/confirmatory, predictive analysis, regression, text mining, qualitative analysis, statistical analysis)
-Data Visualization (data reporting, data visualization, decision making)
-Data Maintainance (data warehousing, data cleansing, data staging, data processing, data architecture)
-Statistical and Mathematical Data Modeling
-Ethics and Privacy behind the Data
-Data Science Toolkits .
-Big Data Analysis and Applications .
-Business Intelligence and Data Analytics .
-Data and AI Monetization and Products .
-Applied Data Science and AI .
-Intelligent and Adaptive Recommender Systems .
-Human-Centered AI and Data Science .
-Data Science and AI for Parallel and Distributed Computing .
-Data Science and AI for Autonomous Vehicles .
-Social Networks Analysis .
-Data Science and AI for Web-related User Behaviors .
-Data Science and AI for Detecting, Preventing, and Predicting Web Data Anomalies .
-Intelligent Agents and Systems .
-Evolutionary Algorithms in Data Science and AI .
-Applied Neural Networks and Deep Learning in Data Science and AI .
-Statistical Learning for Data Science .
-Image Processing and Computer Vision.

Special Session #3               TOP

Title of the special session:
- Intelligent Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications
Names of proposers:
- Dr. Sonal Yadav*, Dr. Sirshendu Das**
- *Indian Institute of Information Technology Kota; **Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Punjab, India
Email addresses:
- sonal.cse@iiitkota.ac.in*, shirshendu@iitrpr.ac.in**
Description of the special session/workshop:
- This special session is focused on Intelligent Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications. Computer architectures from single core to manycore processors evolve with time according to the requirements of computing. The fifth generation of computing is exploring intelligent architectures, algorithms, and applications to add ease and comfort to human life. Moreover, for finding smart solutions to complex problems, efficiency is required in all the three (Architecture, Algorithms, and Applications) domains. Since algorithms are used in every computational system, they have evolved multifaceted directions to utilize system architectures effectively. Intelligent algorithms like evolutionary algorithms, bio-inspired algorithms, deep learning, hybrid machine learning algorithms, etc., add automation in architectures/systems to enhance their efficiency. By applying intelligent algorithms to system architectures, smart applications are rapidly coming to the market. Intelligent applications use historical and real- time data to make systems environment or user experiences adaptive.
Topics of Interest:
-Processor Architectures
-Cache and Main Memory
-Parallel Computing and Quantum Computing
-Communication Architectures
-Cloud Computing
-Wireless Sensors
-Virtualization and Augmented Reality
-Embedded Systems
-Autonomous Systems
-Compiler Technology
-Smart Scheduling
-Operating System Intelligence
-Image Processing and Intelligent Multimedia Systems
-Machine Learning Algorithms
-Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
-Reinforcement Learning
-Smart Mobile Apps
-Natural Language Processing
-Medical and Military Applications

Special Session #4               TOP

Title of the special session:
- Emerging Trends in Networking Technologies, Security and Internet of Things (IoT)
Names of proposers:
- Dr. Priyanka Mishra*, Dr. Vijeta Kumawat**
- *Indian Institute of Information Technology Kota; **JECRC University,Jaipur
Email addresses:
- priyanka.cse@iiitkota.ac.in*, vijetakumawat.cse@jecrc.ac.in**
Description of the special session/workshop:
- This special session is focused on the emerging trends and technologies in computer networking with the security and privacy aspects. This session aims to promote unpublished novel work in front of computer networking society. The computer networking and security related problems are regular in our day to day life. The security aspects of computer networking are highly sensitive and require latest innovative ideas to resolve their problems. This session provides a platform to present recent advancements in technologies of Networking and Security that includes Smart Cities, Health care, Internet of Things, Networking, security, mobile computing, wireless communication etc. This session motivate to researchers, academicians, and industry experts to share their knowledge & experiences in context to the development of new technologies and their applications. Internet of Things (IoT) comprises of a system with many devices connected over a network. It can offer solutions to issues such as climate change, weather forecast, healthcare etc. A typical application using IoT comprises of tasks such as data generation via smart devices, data visualization, storage typically on a cloud and analysis. Thus, the objective of this special session is to attract academic and industry researchers to address the aforementioned challenges on top of this architecture.
Topics of Interest:
-Autonomous networking
-Content Distribution Network (CDN)& Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network (DTN).
-Network performance analysis/measurement and evaluation.
-Software Defined Networking (SDN) and network virtualization.
-Vehicular, underwater networks, Ubiquitous home and office networking
-Network Security and security architectures
-Mobile and web security
-Cloud Security
-IoT Data management in the Cloud
-IoT Applications

Special Session #5               TOP

Title of the special session:
- Computational Intelligence & Smart Systems
Names of proposers:
- Dr. Rohit Anand*, Dr. Nidhi Sindhwani**, Mr. Digvijay Pandey***
- *G.B.Pant Government Engineering College, New Delhi; **Amity University, Noida; ***Department of Technical Education, IET, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow
Email addresses:
- rohit.anand@gbpec.edu.in*, nsindhwani@amity.edu**, digit11011989@gmail.com***
Description of the special session/workshop:
-This special session is focused on the various innovations in the field of computational intelligence and various intelligent systems. The computational intelligence is a continuously evolving field that is concerned with the various paradigms related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, fuzzy systems, signal processing, communication systems, control systems, RF systems and various autonomous systems. The computational intelligence involves the various evolutionary techniques like single-objective optimization techniques and multi-objective optimization techniques. Smart systems are the intelligent systems having the capabilities of sensing, actuating and controlling for the purpose of analysis and decision making that leads to the smartness in these systems. The smartness of the intelligent or smart systems may be credited to their energy efficiency and automation.
In brief, this special session shall discuss the various conceptual as well as practical innovations and applications in the fields of computational intelligence and intelligent systems
Topics of Interest:
-Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
-Robotics and Automation
-Next Generation Intelligent Systems
-Evolutionary Algorithms in Signal Processing and Image processing
-Soft computing and Optimization techniques in Communication and RF Systems
-Intelligent Multimedia Systems
-IoT and Cloud Computing
-Security and Privacy issues in Smart Systems
-Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence
-Smart Energy Automation & Electric Mobility
-Innovations in Renewable Energy Resources

Special Session #6               TOP

Title of the special session:
- Deep Learning and Computational Intelligence for Healthcare
Names of proposers:
- Dr. Deepak Panwar*; Dr. Muskan Garg**
- *Manipal University Jaipur; ** Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (Deemed to-be University), Patiala, Punjab, India
Email addresses:
- deepakpanwar03@gmail.com*; muskanphd@gmail.com **
Description of the special session/workshop:
- Soft Computing (SC) methodologies consist of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Algorithms, Chaos Theory and many more. Recently, the multimodal information processing using deep learning (e.g. auto encoders, capsule networks, convolution neural networks, deep belief networks, federated learning, generative adversarial networks, hyperbolic space, multi-task and multimodal analysis, responsible AI) and computational intelligence techniques (e.g., multilayer perceptron, neuro-fuzzy, genetic algorithms and other nature inspired algorithms) have shown exponential growth in healthcare sector. This session aims to highlight and present the recent advances in healthcare sector and enhance the scientific developments over practical application of health-care sector. This session specially focus to highlight the innovative and novel research ideas to exploit evolutionary algorithms, shallow and deep learning, and responsible AI for healthcare applications.
The aim of this session is to provide a forum to disseminate and discuss recent advances in deep learning and computation intelligence techniques for healthcare sector. We want to offer an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to identify new promising research directions in this area.

Topics of Interest:
 Modeling, control and optimization
 Nature inspired optimization in healthcare sector
 Neural network and fuzzy logic in healthcare sector
 Knowledge extraction and data representation for healthcare
 Healthcare detection and analysis on web
 Multimodal information processing in healthcare applications
 Data science, big data and high performance computing for healthcare
 Responsible AI for healthcare
 Data mining and business intelligence for Healthcare sector