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  1. Comparison of Neural Network based Soft Computing Techniques for Electromagnetic Modeling of a Microstrip Patch Antenna

  2. A ranking method for q-rung orthopair fuzzy set based on possibility degree measure

  3. Detection of bitcoin miners by clustering crypto address with Google Big Query open dataset.

  4. Comparative Analysis: Sentiment Analysis for Legal Judgment Text in India’s Supreme Court Based on Glove Pre-trained Word Embedding and Deep Learning Models

  5. Measuring the Quality of Bytecode of Object Oriented Software

  6. Evaluating the Climate Change Model with a Mathematical Approach Involving the Cesaro Summation

  7. Deep Learning Framework For Anomaly Detection In Iot Enabled Systems

  8. Optimal Location of Pumping Station to Minimize the Maximum Cover Depth of Sewerage System

  9. Hybrid Crossover Operator in Genetic Algorithm for solving N-Queens Problem

  10. A Study and Review of RoF Upconversion Techniques for Next Generation Communication Systems

  11. Sentimental Analysis to predict Women Violence in India using Machine Learning

  12. Very Short-Term Load Forecasting with Deep Learning Neural Network in Delhi, India

  13. Flood Inundation Mapping using GIS and Hydraulic Model (HEC-RAS): A case study of Burhi Gandak river, Bihar, India.

  14. A Meta-heuristic Learning Approach for Short-term Price forecasting

  15. Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Methods for Classification of IoT Malware Attacks

  16. Multi- Feature based Type-2 Fuzzy set induced Parallel Rank-Level Fusion in Face Recognition

  17. A Production Inventory System under Impact of Carbon Emission and Reliability

  18. Crop Classification in the Cauvery Delta Zone using Machine Learning on Multi-sensor Data

  19. An improved User Interface for enabling Smart access using Low-cost QR based systems

  20. Video Summarisation using Statistical Methods

  21. Development of A Robust Framework For Surveillance Vehicle

  22. Machine Learning for Health Care:Challenges, Controversies and its Applications

  23. Firefly Optimization Technique for Software Quality Prediction

  24. IoT driven Precision Cultivation for Diverse Indian Climate Conditions

  25. Mental Stress Detection Using EEG Extracted Frequency Bands

  26. Estimating and Predicting Models using Stochastic Time Series ARIMA Modeling in Emergent Economy

  27. Swarm Intelligence Using Collision Avoidance System

  28. A multi-objective approach for inter-cluster and intra-cluster distance analysis

  29. Whale-optimization based Energy-Efficient Clustered Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

  30. Impact of 5G on the internet of connected vehicles and challenges: A Survey

  31. Random Forest and AdaBoost-DT: Ensemble Machine Learning Estimators to Model Malayalam Poem syllable Duration

  32. Analytical modeling of parabolic trough solar collector

  33. A Hybrid MCIWO-NN Forward Kinematics Estimator for the Stewart Platform

  34. Energy-Efficient And Fault-Tolerance In Wireless Sensor Networks: Analysis And Review

  35. A novel heart disease prediction approach using the hybrid combination of GA, PSO, and CNN

  36. Iris Bio-Metric Presentation Attacks : Types and Detection Techniques - A Review

  37. Healthcare CHATBOT for Diabetic patients using Classification

  38. Effective Classification of Tweets using Machine Learning

  39. Implementation Of ROS Based Mobile Robots with Few Shot Object Detection using Tensorflow API

  40. Rule-based Online Transaction fraud detection using user’s Keystroke behaviors

  41. Multimodal Disease Detection using Chest X-Ray Images and Electrocardiogram Signals

  42. Study of ET0 by using Soft Computing Techniques in the Eastern Gandak Project in Bihar, India – A Case Study

  43. Soft Optimal Computing Methods to Identify Roughness Surfaces in Manufacturing using a Monotonic Regressor

  44. A BERT Model-based Sentiment Analysis on COVID-19 Tweets

  45. COVID-19 Cases in India: Prediction and Analysis using Machine Learning

  46. Study of Load Balancing and Security in Cloud Computing

  47. Deep Learning Models for Identification of Covid-19 using CT Images

  48. A novel data acquisition method for correlational studies between Heart Rate variability and Respiration

  49. Non Orthogonal Multiple Access With Interference Cancellation Scheme

  50. Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFDM-IM System Using Rayleigh Fading Channel

  51. The Enhanced Robotic Trajectory Tracking by Optimized Fractional-order Fuzzy Controller using GWO-ABC Algorithm.

  52. Detection of Multi-column Text in Related Sequence using Object Detection Technique

  53. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing With Index Modulation

  54. Performance comparison of OFDM for QPSK, ESIM -OFDM and OFDM-IM for QPSK modulation

  55. Design and Development of Autonomous Payload Delivery Drone

  56. Theories, Detection Methods, andOpportunities of Fake News Detection

  57. A Novel Pixelated approach for synthesis of Wideband Metamaterial Cross Polarizer using Wind Driven Optimization Algorithm

  58. A novel polynomial time heuristic algorithm for minimal PMU Allocation in the Grid

  59. Comparative Analysis on Fraud Detection in Credit Card Transaction Using Different Machine Learning Algorithms

  60. Interconnect Paradigm Shift towards Networks-on-Chip in Manycore Processors: A Review on Challenges

  61. Fast Battery Charging Scheme for Li-Ion Batteries

  62. A Survey on Efficient Interconnects for Neuromorphic Systems

  63. Variable Structure Fuzzy Controller for Unstable Processes

  64. Near Data Processing and its Applications

  65. Hybrid Artificial Neural Network Model for Prediction of Scour Depth Upstream of Bridge Piers

  66. A Study on Request Serialization in Directory-Based Protocol for MESI Cache Coherence Protocol

  67. Understanding the Role of Feature Engineering in Fake News Detection

  68. Metaheuristic Optimization for Three Dimensional Path Planning of UAV

  69. An Automated System for Early Identification of Diseases in plant through Machine Learning

  70. Exhaustive Search Approach to Place PV in Distribution Networks for Power Loss Minimization

  71. Global Horizontal Solar Irradiance Forecasting based on Data-Driven and Feature Selection Techniques

  72. Image Encryption Using Chaotic Maps: A Survey

  73. Internet of Things based Human Healthcare Monitoring System

  74. Intelligent Heart Disease Prediction System using data mining modeling techniques

  75. Human Heart Rate Stabilization Using Fractional order Fuzzy Logic Controller

  76. Wyverns Scuffle: An MMO Game Using Unreal Engine 4 and Blender 3D

  77. A framework for the evaluation of factors affecting smart contract adoption and enforceability in port supply chain industry in Ghana

  78. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Byzantine Fault Tolerance in Blockchain

  79. A Hybrid Metaheuristic for Transmission Tower Design Optimization

  80. An enhanced Sine-cosine algorithm with balanced exploration and exploitation

  81. Some properties of q-Hermite Fubini numbers and polynomials

  82. A study on degenerate 1 2-changhee numbers and polynomials

  83. TDS Level Control of Water Purifier using Fuzzy-PID Controller

  84. Maximum Power Point Tracking of Partially Shaded PV System with improved PSO stratergy

  85. A Novel Digital Forensic Inspection Model for XSS Attack