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Special Session #1

Title of the special session/Workshop:
- Medical Image Analytics and Cognitive Computation
Names of proposers:
- Dr.Saurabh Mukherjee and Dr.K.F.Rahman
- Department of Computer Science , Faculty of Mathematics and Computing,Banasthali Vidyapith,Rajasthan-304022.
Email addresses:
- msaurabh@banasthali.in , kfrahman@banasthali.in
Description of the special session/workshop:
- Medical Image Processing has grown from its infant to adolescence stage. Further development can only be facilitated using Cognitive Computing and Data Analytics. The session's prime objective is to bring together scientists, researchers/academicians and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Cognitive Science, data analytics and medical image processing. It also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Cognitive Science, data analytics and medical image processing.

Special Session #2

Title of the special session/Workshop:
- Blockchain and Decentralised Artificial Intelligence
Names of proposers:
- Utpal Kant (Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and PhD Researcher) and Ludovic Cheviron (Chief Executive Officer (CEO))
- Lifelong Learning International S.A.S ; 54 rue Grenata, 75002 PARIS, France ; https://www.lillup.com/
Email addresses:
- utpal@lillup.com; ludovic@lillup.com
Description of the special session/workshop:
- Distributed Ledger and Artificial Intelligence, Two Disruptive Technology has grown up exponentially in last decade. Central objective of this session is to Expose the potential of these two technologies together. What happens when we start to merge artificial intelligence and the blockchain into a single, powerful prototype? We have blockchain technology with promise of near-frictionless value exchange and artificial intelligence with ability to accelerate the analysis of massive amounts of data. The joining of the two could mark the beginning of an entirely new paradigm. It provides the foremost convention for Students, researchers, Academician and Entrepreneur to present and discuss the most recent Research, innovations and challenges Associated to Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Together Applied to any Data Rich Industry like Medical Technology, Education Technology, FinTech or any other industry. The Agenda would be:

  • Blockchain Technology an Overview
  • Distributed Digital Ledger
  • Storage, Token and Smart Contract
  • Alliances and Industry Adoption
  • Identity Management
  • Criticism and Challenges
  • Decentralised Artificial Intelligence
  • Disruptive Model of Tech-Startup
  • Application to EdTech Startup
  • Application to MedTech Startup

Call for Special Sessions

Proposals for SoCTA2018 special sessions/workshop should contain the following information:

- Title of the special session/Workshop:
- Names of proposers:
- Affiliations:
- Email addresses:
- Description of the special session/workshop:
- List of 6-10 potential contributors

Proposals should be submitted to
Dr. Millie Pant: millifpt@iitr.ac.in
Dr. Om Prakash Verma: vermaop@nitj.ac.in
Dr. Rajesh Singla: singlar@nitj.ac.in
Dr. Tarun Kumar Sharma: taruniitr1@gmail.com

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Important Dates
Paper Submission :
29 July, 2018
Paper Acceptance :
10 September, 2018
Final Submission :
30 September, 2018
Registration :
30 September, 2018
Date of Conference :
21 - 23 December, 2018

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