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List of Conditionally accepted papers:

Congratulations! On behalf of the SoCTA2019 Chairs, we are pleased to inform you that your paper titled below is conditionally accepted.Seperate Notifications (including reviewes) are in process and will be sent by Email

  • Peer-To-Peer File Storage System Using Interplanetary File System
  • Performance Optimization By Manet Aodv-Dtn Communication
  • Effectiveness Of Whale Optimization Based I+Pd Controller For Lfc Of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Included Multi-Area System
  • Iot Enabled Early Prediction System For Epileptic Seizure In Human Being
  • Target Tracking System: Pan Tilt
  • Optimizing Feature Selection Parameters Using Statistically Equivalent Signature (Ses) Algorithm
  • Preliminary Detection Of Lung Diseases In Pediatric Population: A Soft Computing Approach
  • A Survey Report On Recent Progresses In Nearest Neighbor Realization Of Quantum Circuits
  • Annual Rainfall Prediction Using Time Series Forecasting
  • Introduction To Concept Modifiers In Fuzzy Soft Sets For Efficient Query Processing
  • High Accurate-Area Efficient Multiplier For Error-Tolerant Applications
  • Hoax And Faux Of Information Credibility In Social Networks: Explored, Exemplified And Experimented
  • Reduction Of Papr Of Ofdma In Lte
  • Minimize Average Power Ratio (Apr) In Ofdm Using Tone Reservation Method
  • A Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter With Lesser Number Of Switching Devices
  • Symmetric Key Generation And Distribution Using Diffie-Hellman Algorithm
  • Design Of Controllers Using Pso Technique For Second Order Stable Process With Time Delay
  • A Green Dynamic Internet Of Things (Iot)-Battery Powered Things Aspect- Survey
  • An Efficient Layout Of Single Layer Full Adder Based On Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
  • A Review On Mm-Wave Power Amplifiers For Next Generation 5g Communication
  • Vision Based Automated Traffic Signaling
  • Performance Comparison Of Svm And Ann For Reversible Ecg Data Hiding
  • Application Of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method For The Evaluation Of Tamilnadu Private Bus Companies From The Passengers’ Perspective
  • Cnc Machine Shop Floor Facility Layout Design Using Genetic Algorithms
  • Ant Lion Optimization Technique For Minimization Of Voltage Deviation Through Optimal Placement Of Static
  • Var Compensator
  • On Vector Variational Inequalities And Vector Optimization Problems
  • Characterizations Of The Solution Sets For Constrained Pseudolinear Semi-Infinite Programming Problems
  • Novel Chaotic Elephant Herding Optimization For Multilevel Thresholding Of Color Image
  • Forecasting Groundwater Fluctuation From Grace Data Using Grnn
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Of Solar Pv Array Under Partial Shading Conditions Using Jaya Algorithm
  • A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach For Prediction Of Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Investigating Multilevel Hesitated Patterns Using Vague Set Theory
  • Six Switch Three Phase Five-Level Inverter With Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation
  • A Comparative Performance Of Sorting Algorithms: Statistical Investigation
  • Evolutionary Computing For Designing Cryptographic Primitives For Block Cipher: Challenges And Opportunities
  • A True Event Based Meta-Heuristic Algorithm Optimized Agc Mechanism For A Multi-Area Power System
  • An Exploratory Analysis Pertaining To Stress Detection In Adolescents
  • Load Frequency Control Of An Interconnected Multi- Source Power System Using Quasi Oppositional Harmony Search Algorithm
  • Smart Earthquake Detector And Rescuing System For Differently Abled Person
  • A Novel Clock And Data Recovery Circuit With Accurate Phase Matching
  • An Extensive Investigation Of Wavelet Based Denoising Techniques For Various Ecg Signals Utilizing Thresholding Function
  • Ann-Based Lulc Patterns Classification Using Remote Sensing Imagery.
  • Experimental Investigation To Obtain The Pv Module True Performance And Emphasis On Application Of Soft Computing
  • Advanced Virtual Apparel Try Using Augmented Reality(Avatar)
  • A Novel Fault Detection Scheme For Nearest Neighbor Based Reversible Circuits
  • Dos Defense Using Modified Naive Bayes
  • Simulated Annealing Based Algorithm For Tuning Lda Hyper Parameters
  • An Integrated Methodology For Testing Source Code By Using Multi Constraint Reduction, Test Suite Prioritization And Prioritized Parallelization
  • A Better Group Consensus Ranking Via A Min-Transitive Fuzzy Linear Ordering
  • A Novel Metaheuristic Approach For Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
  • A Novel Approach To Handle Huge Data For Refreshment Anomalies In Near Real Time Etl Applications
  • Fake Profile Detection And Stalking Prediction On Facebook
  • Comparison Of Photo Detection Capability Of Spin Coated Tio2 Thin Film And In2o3 Thin Film Devices
  • Development Of Ids Using Supervised Machine Learning
  • Automated Traffic Light Signal Violation Detection System Using Convolutional Neural Network
  • An Enhanced Butterfly Optimization Algorithm For Function Optimization
  • Dynamic Analysis Of Wind Turbine Drivetrain Under Constant Torque
  • To Build Scalable And Portable Application Using Docker
  • Text Summarization: An Extractive Approach
  • Clifford+T-Based Fault-Tolerant Quantum Implementation Of Code Converter Circuit
  • Applying Deep Learning For Discovery And Analysis Of Software Vulnerabilities: A Brief Survey
  • Generalization Performance Comparison Of Machine Learners For The Detection Of Computer Worms Using Behavioral Features
  • Fully Annotated Indian Traffic Signs Database For Recognition
  • Multiple Color Image Fusion And Encryption Using Discrete Wavelet Transform And Yang-Gu Mixture Amplitude-Phase Retrieval Algorithm In Fractional Fourier Domain
  • Development Of Intrusion Detection System Using Deep Learning For Classifying Attacks In Power Systems
  • An Improved Adaptive Transfer Function For Explosion Spark Generation In Fireworks Algorithm
  • Nse Stock Prediction:The Deep Learning Way
  • Recent Development Of Ai And Iot In Agriculture Industries: A Review
  • Optimized Fuzzy Rule Based System To Measure Uncer-Tainty In Human Decision
  • Making System
  • A Review On Detection Of Breast Cancer Cells Using Various Techniques
  • Analysis Of Security Issues And Possible Solutions In The Internet Of Things For Home Automation System
  • Utilization Of The Internet Of Things In Agriculture: Possibilities And Challenges
  • Real-Time Face Recognition And Tracking For Criminal Revealing
  • Analysis Of Precision Agriculture Technique By Using Machine Learning And IOT
  • Secure Transmission Of Eeg Data Using Watermarking Algorithm For The Detection Of Epileptical Seizures
  • Dispersive Nature Of The Fel Amplifiers In The Whistler Mode
  • An Improved Energy Efficient Faulty Information Extraction Scheme Using Pfdiaes And Pfdif Algorithms
  • Cyber Attacks And Security- A Critical Survey
  • A Comparative Study On Different Techniques Of Sentimental Analysis
  • An Approach To Select The Proper Combination Within Positional And Non-Positional Average Values Of Features In Protein Classification
  • Areca Nut Disease Detection Using Image Processing
  • Simulink Simulation For Predicting Thermodynamic Properties Of Water –Lithium Bromide Solution Using ANN
  • A New Bit Plane Specific Longest Repeating Pattern Test For Statistical Analysis Of Random Bit Sequences
  • Intelligent Interference Minimization Algorithm For Optimal Placement Of Sensors Using BPO
  • A Novel Clustering Based Gene Expression Pattern Analysis For Human Diabetes Patients Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set And Multigranulation Rough Set Model
  • Investigation On Hrv Signal Dynamics For Meditative Intervention
  • A Review On Deep Learning Based Channel Estimation Scheme
  • Patient Diabetes Forecasting Based On Machine Learning Approach
  • Pose Invariant Face Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis
  • An Autonomic Resource Allocation Framework For Service-Based Cloud Applications : A Proactive Approach
  • Issk- An Integrated Self Service Kiosk For Health Monitoring And Management
  • Real-Time Remote Healthcare And Telemedicine Application Model Using Ontology Enabled Clustering Of Biomedical & Clinical Documents
  • Dual Band Printed Rectangular Ring Shaped Monopole Antenna For Wireless Communication
  • Printed U-Shaped Monopole Dual Band Antenna For Wireless Application
  • Effective Author Ranking Using Average Of Different H-Index Variants
  • A Novel Approach For Design 7:3 And 5:3 Compressors
  • Source Of Treatment Selection For Different States Of India And Performance Analysis Using Machine Learning Algorithms For Classification
  • Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Support Vector Regression
  • Android Application For Recognition Of Indian Origin Agricultural Products
  • Queuing Theory In Real Life Problem
  • Improved Handoff Mechanism For Infiltrating User Equipments In Composite Networks
  • Ai-Enabled Real-Time Sign Language Translator
  • Wireless Emanation Of Braille To Text/Voice & Vice Versa.
  • Digital Newspaper Using Augmented Reality
  • Effect Of Noise On Segmentation Evaluation Parameters
  • Design And Development Of Digital Beam Forming Algorithms For Radar Applications
  • Iris: An Application For The Visually Impaired Using Google Cloud API
  • A Review Paper On Feature Selection Techniques And Artificial Neural Networks Architectures Used In Thermography For Early Stage Detection Of Breast Cancer
  • An Artificial Neural Network Model For Estimating The Flood In Tehri Region Of Uttarakhand Using Rainfall Data
  • Automated Railway Gate Control Using Internet Of Things
  • A Novel Approach For Network Security Using Genetic Algorithm
  • Missing Value Imputation Approach Using Cosine Similarity Measure
  • Fuzzy Decision Making System For Better Staff Performance Appraisal In Institutional Organization
  • A Graph Theoretic Approach For Sustainable New Product Development (Snpd) In Supply Chain Environment
  • Streamlining Choice Of Cnns And Structure Framing Of Convolution Layer
  • Snap N’ Cook
  • Adaptive Control Of Machines: A Data Driven Model Based Design
  • Accuracy Based Performance Analysis Of Alzheimer’s Disease Classification Using Deep Convolution Neural Network
  • Smart Energy Management System Using Predictive Analytics And IOT
  • Cryptography Policy Based Data Communication In Trusted Environment
  • A Study Of Service Oriented Architecture (Soa) Of Cloud Computing Using Data Mining Techniques
  • Computational Studies Of Blood Flow In Coronary Artery Of Diabetic Patient
  • Various Techniques Of Vedic Mathematics For Projectives Coordinate System In Ecc Over Weierstrass Elliptic Curve
  • Applying Machine Learning For Implementation Of Feature Engineering For Opinion Mining
  • Inter Ar: Interior Decor App Using Augmented Reality Technology
  • Stroke Prognosis From Retinal Fundus Images Using Lbp Variants
  • Combined Heat And Power Dispatch Using An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Extreme Learning Machine For Classification Of Disease Specific Drug Categories
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