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Send the proposals for the Special Sessions to socta2016@gmail.com with the following details:

Title of the special session:
Names of proposers:
Email addresses:
Description of the special session/workshop:

Selected Special Sessions

1. Semantic Intelligence & Applications

2. Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning and Nature Inspired Algorithms

3. Computational Intelligence for Information Retrieval

Special Session #1               TOP

Title of the special session:
- Semantic Intelligence & Applications (SIA)
Names of proposers:
- Dr. Shalini Bhaskar Bajaj*, Mr. Akshat Agrawal*, Dr. Pawan Singh Mehra^, Dr. Prateek Agrawal^^**,                      Dr. Purnendu Shekhar Pande*** and Ms. Vishu Madaan**
- *Amity University Haryana; ^J.P. University Noida; ^^University of Klagenfurt, Austria; ***BML University Haryana; **Lovely Professional University Jalandhar
Email addresses:
- sbbajaj@ggn.amity.edu; akshatag20@gmail.com; pawansinghmehra@gmail.com; prateek061186@gmail.com; purnendu.pandey@bml.edu.in; vishumadaan123@gmail.com
Description of the special session/workshop:
- The objective of this special session is to provide the researchers a platform to present the state of the art innovations, researches, design and implement methodological and algorithmic solutionsto Soft computing and the Semantic Web communities. Due to many technological trends like IoT, Cloud Computing, Smart Devices, huge data is generated daily and at unprecedented rates. Traditional data techniques and platforms do not prove to be efficient because of issues concerning responsiveness, flexibility, performance, scalability, accuracy, and more. To manage these huge data sets and to store the archives for longer periods, we need granular access to massively evolving data sets. Addressing this gap has been an important andwell recognized interdisciplinary area of Computer Science.A machine will behave intelligently if the underlying representation scheme exhibits knowledge that can be achieved by representing semantics. Semantic Intelligence refers to filling the semanticgap between the understanding of humans and machines by making a machine look at everything in terms of object oriented concepts as a human look at it. Semantic intelligence helps us make sense of the most vital resource, i.e., data; by virtue of making it interpretable and meaningful. The focus is on information as compared to process. To whatever application, the data will be put to; it is to be represented in a manner that is machine-understandable and hence human-usable. All the important relationships(including who, what, when, where, how and why) in the required data from any heterogeneous data source are required to be made explicit. The Artificial Intelligence technologies, the Machine Intelligence technologies, and the semantic web technologies together make up the Semantic Intelligence Technologies (SITs). SITs have been found as the most important ingredient in building artificially intelligent knowledge based systems as they aid machines in integrating and processing resources contextually and intelligently.
Topics of Interest:

  • Smage Processing, Signal Analysis and Processing

  • Bioinformatics, Healthcare Informatics

  • Decision Support Systems

  • Data Management, Exploration, and Mining

  • Nature Inspired Computing, Pattern Recognition and Analysis

  • Web Intelligence Applications & Search
  • Special Session #2               TOP

    Title of the special session:
    - Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning and Nature Inspired Algorithms
    Names of proposers:
    - Dr. Rizwan Khan*, Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma**, Mr. Avinash Kumar Sharma*, Dr. Samar Wazir^
    - *Department of Computer Science and Engineering, ABES Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad; Department of Computer Science, Inmantec Institutions Ghaziabad; ^Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jamia Hamdard Universtiy, New Delhi
    Email addresses:
    - rizwan.khan@abesit.in, vashistha23@gmail.com, avinash.sharma@abesit.in, samar.wazir786@jamiahamdard.ac.in
    Description of the special session/workshop:
    - The objective of this conference is to bring together the researchers, scientists, and scholars across the globe who have been working and are interested to learn and share their wisdom acquired in the area of artificial intelligence, machine learningand Optimization Algorithms. Artificial Intelligence is at the core of every strategic discussion that happens today in the corner office. 2016 has been the year of some startling moves in Artificial Intelligence, such as driverless cars, virtual agents, employee assistance, and chatbots, to name a few. In the years to come, we are inevitably going to experience Artificial Intelligence and robotics in our everyday life. This is an indication of the upcoming radical changes in the way we look at real-world problems. Nature Inspired Algorithms are used in finding optimal solutions. Researchers working on different Nature Inspired Algorithms like ACO, GA, PSO etc. will submit here their finding. This special sessionwill focus on all aspects of issues that can be easily solved by using Machine learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence techniquesand Optimization Algorithms.

    Special Session #3               TOP

    Title of the special session:
    - Computational Intelligence for Information Retrieval
    Names of proposers:
    - Dr Vedika Gupta*, Prof. Udayan Ghose**, Dr. Chinmay Chakraborty#, Dr. Sachi Nandan Mohanty^
    - *Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, New Delhi, **University School of Information and Communication Technology, GGSIPU, New Delhi, #Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, ^ICFAI, Hyderabad
    Email addresses:
    - vedika.gupta@bharatividyapeeth.edu, udayan@ipu.ac.in, cchakrabarty@bitmesra.ac.in, sachinandan@ieee.org
    Description of the special session/workshop:
    - The objective is this special session is to provide a platform to researchers, academicians, and industrialists to showcase thorough understanding of Information Retrieval basics, integration of Computational Intelligence with Information Retrieval and its usability in computer science fields for existing practitioners.
    Information Retrieval has been quintessential since the foundation of Web 3.0. The Web today is a constantly updating repository of information which is also available in plenty. Computational Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the challenges which lack effective computational algorithms. Computational Intelligence approaches basically imitate human ways of processing information and mechanisms of reasoning as well as other biologically inspired processes such as evolution and collective intelligence found in many naturally occurring systems. As the world strives to make decisions when human lives are stuck amidst COVID-19, Next Generation Technologies continue to foster and empower the human race to conceive and design novel computationally intelligent models. Also, Big data is facilitating industries to unearth hidden information in areas ranging from customer behaviour to how their businesses function, providing vital and core insights that can affect the sustainability and profitability of an organisation. In a world where technology is advancing at a rapid pace, data-driven scientific discovery represents one of the most exciting developments – already making a huge impact in the social and services sectors enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.
    Computational Intelligence encompasses a wide range of issues - from the tools and languages of Artificial Intelligence to its philosophical implications, and thus provides a plethora of theoretical as well as experimental research, along with surveys and impact studies. Besides, Information retrieval is among the core activities driving most of the world’s successful and high-tech businesses including Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The information retrieval methods for text retrieval, multimedia information retrieval, data mining methods, text classification and document clustering problems provide some really interesting findings. This special session entails computational intelligence frameworks, approaches, models and systems for efficient retrieval of information. Methods and tools combined with computational intelligence techniques for data-driven problem solving, including the analysis, interpretation and visualisation of complex data, which is in increasing demand in fields such as marketing, pharmaceutics, finance, transportation, medicine, and management.

    Topics of Interest:

  • Intelligent Linguistic Approaches for Sentiment Analysis

  • Genetic Algorithms for Information Retrieval

  • Intelligent Techniques for Text Summarisation

  • Web Intelligence and Semantic Web

  • Multimedia Information Retrieval

  • Big Data Management and Data Visualisation

  • Evolutionary Computing for Information Retrieval

  • Fuzzy Computational Methods for Information Retrieval

  • Pattern Recognition for Intelligent Computing

  • Fuzzy-Evolutionary fusion based Computational Intelligence

  • Applications of Neuro-informatics

  • Natural Language Processing Models for Information Retrieval

  • Brain-computer interfacing

  • Integrated theories of natural and artificial cognitive systems

  • Computational Intelligence in Deep Learning

  • Intelligent Methods for fault diagnosis & prognosis

  • Industrial Applications of Data Science and Computational Intelligence

  • Big data processing and information retrieval

  • Information Retrieval & mining in Social Media Environments

  • Ontology Learning from Text and Databases

  • Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing

  • Intelligent Information Systems for E-commerce Platforms

  • Context Aware Intelligent Systems